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DIRTY LAUNDRY VIDEO - What Millennials Want From Their Drycleaner

 Kids these days!  Or rather, young adults.  What is it they want or need from a drycleaner?   Watch the video - made by a millennial - and find out! 


Drycleaners helping parolees, which in turn helps society as a whole.  Check out the website at

See our Suits for Success Press Release here


Other Useful Industry Links -  Drycleaners & Launderers Institute.  For membership information and other questions about the industry. - Williams & Co.  For questions regarding environmental cleanup fund in Illinois/regulatory issues. - Cleaning chemicals - Cleaning chemicals and supplies - Drycleaning specific rules from OSHA. - Regulatory and compliance consulting. - Illinois EPA site with helpful information regarding ROSS Air Permitting (for use with Hydrocarbon Machines).