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 The IPDL Professional Code of Ethics and Conduct As a professional dry cleaner, I recognize that the way I conduct my business reflects not only on me, but also on my colleagues in the world of fabricare.  In becoming a member of the Illinois Professional Drycleaners & Launderers, I pledge to operate ethically and responsibly in serving my customers, my employees, my community, and my profession, and in maintaining the high standards set by IPDL.  Responsibilities to My Customers

  • I will safeguard customer property and treat it with care and respect
  • I will continually strive to provide courteous, considerate, and efficient service to my customers, without regard to race, color, creed, or gender.
  • I will offer reasonable and intelligent pricing, efficient cost control, and superior service and product delivery, consistent with operating my business at a reasonable profit.  Prices will be determined based on the marketplace, available resources, and individual business needs, and will be uniform for each customer category, without reflecting discrimination in any form.

Responsibilities to My Employees 

  • I will regard and treat everyone in my employ as important, dignified, human resources.
  • I will provide a safe workplace environment, both as a moral responsibility and in keeping with federal and local laws.
  • I will train my employees to serve our customers with skill and courtesy, and inspire them with a sense of the importance of what they do.
  • I will provide my staff with benefits not less than may be prescribed by law.

Responsibilities to My Profession 

  • I will work to continually upgrade the image of my professional by expanding my technical and managerial knowledge and skills through study and self-improvement and then apply this knowledge and skill to my business life.
  • I will be appropriately responsive to the needs of others within the profession.
  • I will refrain from publicly or privately causing harm to other drycleaners, recognizing the need to avoid customer confusion and to prevent damage to the image of all in our profession.
  • I will operate and advertise my business in a positive fashion, using the tools of business competition to build my business without attacking others in the industry.

Responsibilities to My Community and My Country 

  • I acknowledge my responsibility to know and follow the letter and intent of all community, state, and national laws, without compromising my right to work peacefully to effect changes in laws, which encroach on my personal standards or beliefs.
  • A particular responsibility of the fabricare community is to practice sound environment management techniques.  I pledge to be sensitive to the environment in adopting procedures and methods and in acquiring new equipment.
  • I pledge to be a responsible citizen and to give back to the community in which I earn my income and profit.