Member Services/Partnerships


DLI Partnership

 DLI has so many services that can benefit it's members!  Did you know that they now have a Stain Removal App and a Garment Analysis App?  And soon, the entire Encyclopedia of Dry Cleaning will be available on an App.  Imagine, all of the information literally at your fingertips!  Here's a few of the great benefits you have access to as an IPDL/DLI member.
Click here to log in to the DLI member webpage.This is a password protected section for members only.  If you are a member and do not know your Member ID number, please contact the IPDL office at 800-462-4732 or DLI at 800-638-2627. 


Garment Analysis

 Textile Analysis Laboratory is one of the many technical and testing services provided by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI). The analysts seek to determine the cause of damage and assign responsibility for failure of a garment or household textiles to withstand drycleaning or laundering. In many cases, the report offers an objective means of settling disputes between drycleaners, launderers, manufacturers, and consumers.
Trained analysts study approximately 25,000 garments each year. Laboratory-derived data also supports DLI's continuing efforts to identify problem areas and train member drycleaners and launderers in proper cleaning techniques.
ITAL Analysts use a combination of testing methods (many derived from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) combined with their knowledge of textiles and professional fabric care to arrive at the cause of the problem. Testing methods include microscopic examinations to identify the nature of the fabric damage, examination under ultraviolet light, testing with chemical indicators and spotting chemicals, and the use of drycleaning and finishing methods and equipment to reconstruct the cleaning process used.
Analysis reports are also used by the Federal Trade Commission to identify and pursue repeat problems with apparel manufacturers. DLI also works closely with some garment manufacturers to identify and resolve issues in garment construction, dyeing and finishing.


Websites for DLI Members

The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) and Directory Networks teamed up to provide members with domain name and one year hosting, along with the opportunity to place your business online - free!
To take advantage of this great member benefit, call and ask for someone in the membership department or click the chat box at the lower right. They will verify your membership and email a promo code and link. Choose your design, provide some basic info and you'll have a fully functioning website in short order.

Here’s what you get:

  • Full Domain Ownership/Management Rights
  • Full Function Web Control Panel (cPanel)
  • Branded to match your logo or choose your own colors
  • Unlimited changes/photos & text
  • Free Google Site Submission
  • Full Page with Name, Address, Phone Number & Business Hours
  • Submit Your own logo & three additional images
  • Includes your own free web email account
  • Listing of your services
  • Google Map




 Starchup is a SaaS platform that builds custom mobile/web apps and route management software for dry cleaners. Cleaners are able to operate a smarter business through seamless ordering, delivery optimization, and streamlined customer management. DLI members receive an exclusive 15% discount when they sign up for Starchup.

Starchup Benefits

Delivery: Streamline Pickup & Delivery

Seamlessly navigate pickups and deliveries using Starchup's route optimization.

  • Offer On-Demand and Static Delivery Routes
  • Share pickup and dropoff ETA with customer
  • Confirm order completion directly from the driver app
  • Scan items on the delivery vehicle to enter into order database
  • Give customers the option to order on-demand services
  • Arrange on-demand deliveries with existing routes

Ordering: Accept Orders from Any Device

Give your customers the ability to place, track, and manage their orders at any time from any device.

  • Go paperless with email receipts and in-app notifications
  • Set Recurring Delivery with a single click
  • Cross-platform ordering: In-store and mobile

Marketing: Cultivate Customer Engagement

Engage your customers in new ways!

  • Send targeted promotions to segmented customer groups
  • Encourage customer feedback
  • Leverage positive review by automatically posting them to your website and consumer sites
  • Reach new customers through a website we crate for you
  • Engage and reward customers

Human Resources Mangement



In response to the overwhelming number of members who indicated their toughest challenges in running their businesses stemmed from employee relations, the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute partnered with Seay Management Consultants to provide assistance. The Orlando, Florida, human resources consultant group specializes in helping small business owners navigate the choppy waters of employee relations. Through this special partnership, DLI now provides members with a wide menu of Human Resources Management services, including a toll free Employment Hotline service. When a DLI member has a situation that requires attention, up to one hour of time is covered by the retainer.
Founded in 1996, Seay Management Consultants is a nationally known Human Resources Management Consulting firm with more than 400 clients throughout the U.S. This Employment Hotline service is now available to DLI members. Seay Management Consultants will answer your questions about employment, personnel management, and Human Resources issues. Topics of expertise include compensation, wages and hours, hiring, dismissal, personnel policy, and more.
DLI members in good standing may call Seay Management and talk with Sandy Seay or one of his consultants whenever a Human Resources question arises. Seay Management consultants will answer questions and provide the advice and counsel you need to resolve just about any human resources issue. DLI provides this service to members at no cost, as another way to increase the value of membership.


Suits for Success


Suits For Success is a cooperative partnership between Illinois Professional Drycleaners & Launderers and Disciples Bible Outreach Ministry.  

The goal of the partnership is to provide clean, pressed, stylish suits to parolees to increase their odds of finding gainful employment and reducing their risk of returning to prison.

This program aims to reduce the prison population in the State of Illinois, thereby reducing the burden on the taxpayers, while also creating  a more productive member of society which helps the parolee regain their dignity and break the cycle of behaviors which lead to prison. 

Many IPDL Member Drycleaners have already signed up to participate in this worthwhile program.  Want to help out?  contact the IPDL office at 800-462-4732 or email at

Other Benefits


In addition to the benefits offered directly by DLI, IPDL has entered into agreements with other providers to help save you money!

Reduce electric and gas bills and save with lower electricity and gas supplier rates from ARES deregulation through Lower Electric.  Contact: Lower Electric, LLC
1307 Shermer Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Phone:      (847) 272-0700   
Toll Free:  (877) 272-0700
Fax: (847) 498-4873