Certification and Recognition

Certified Professional Dry Cleaners


Cleaners who have earned CPD certification have demonstrated their knowledge of professional dry cleaning and the implementation of prescribed dry cleaning standards in their physical plant facilities and safe equipment operations.Read more? 

Certified Professional Wet Cleaners


 Professional wet cleaning is a water-based technology that requires special care of fibers and fabrics, and special skills in processes.  CPW certification shows that the cleaner has adopted this environmentally sound cleaning method that goes beyond laundry, and has developed proficiency in its application to a variety of fibers and fabrics.Read more? 

Certified Environmental Dry Cleaners


 CED certification attests to the cleaner's knowledge of environmentally appropriate ways of operating dry cleaning equipment, disposing of hazardous wastes, and complying with all industry-related EPA and OSHA regulations.Read more? 

Award of Excellence


 The International Award of Excellence is a point-based system to recognize and reward quality in cleaning and customer service.  Cleaners who apply and demonstrate that they meet the quality requirements and create new levels of expectation for treating customers as valued patrons win in multiple ways:  they are honored with the Award Certificate, they raise the image of the industry, and they encourage more people to dry clean more garments!  Read more? 



 In addition to the Certifications offered by DLI/IPDL, the State of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) instituted a new regulation starting January 1, 2014, that all Perc drycleaners must obtain a Perc Operator's Certification.  In addition, any drycleaner that is participating in the Trust Fund's Insurance Program must also obtain the certification, even if they do not use perc.  The test is based on Best Management Practices, and the IEPA and the Trust Fund believe that all participants in the Insurance Fund will benefit from the training.  The certification is valid for a four year period, and must be renewed every four years.  At least one person from each plant must obtain the certification, however it is recommended that more than one person be certified, in case of illness, vacation, etc.  There is no cost for the certification.  If you are not comfortable taking the test online, you may obtain a paper copy by calling Williams & Co. at 800-765-4041.  Click here for the link to the certification.